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pitbull statistics on attacks


I own a Pit because he is a wonderful dog and I love animals. Many of these organizations share our values on the topics of effective breed-neutral regulations for public safety, eliminating breed-specific discrimination, and the responsible ownership of dogs of all breeds. they make it much more graphic then it actually is. This is a typical pit attack on another beloved pet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZTiGWgQubA Children & adults have watched their beloved pets be mauled to death by pit bulls. It’s a label that refers to a whole class of dogs that share similar characteristics. They don’t just randomly shoot people. Pit Bulls are Terriers. Pitbulls (bzw. There is a reason they were the first war hero dog and considered a nanny dog. when I do eventually get a dog I plan to buy from a licensed breeder, who breeds for personality, and yes I plan to get a pit bull, I love high energy dog breeds and where we live out in the country we have a plenty of room for them. All dogs can kill. pit bull attack videos and latest news articles; GlobalNews.ca your source for the latest news on pit bull attack . He depends on me to protect him from the sharp knives of the ignorant masses. Period. If you recall I did say Pit Bulls have the capability to be dangerous, as do many animals and tasks in the world. The rabbit was trapped in the fence because it knew the Put Bull was looking for a tender, tasty rabbit for a wonderful snack and tried to run through the fence! http://www.dogsbite.org/dog-bite-statistics-fatalities-2014.php Then these pit-bull advocates are oblivious and offended why people do not want these dogs in the neighborhood. At lease he has a site……. All I have to say to you, is that when your Pitbull gets you or your family, let us know! I hate having to say I support banning the breed but with the kind of shady and lazy ‘people’ who think their Pit is ‘cool’, a couch potato or the boss of the land is a death sentence for the Pit, a passerby, and other animals. Their were 22 people that seen the attack and everyone of them said that we did nothing. Pit Bulls were not bred to kill, they were bred to be strong. For a direct search, use the Pit Bull Attack Database. She was under feed , abused and left at a shelter. The problem is that when a pit attacks, it’s to kill, and because of the strength, it usually manages to do so, or at least severely maim and maul the victim. Annual data shows that when combining all age groups, male and female fatality victims were equivalent, 16 and 16. on their site it states that pit bulls have the highest fatality rate. They are incredibly energetic, social and loyal breed. Bites and attacks are effects, to which there are always causes. Dude, don’t you realize that by disseminating false information you could be giving someone considering pit bull ownership the green light. Now THAT’s scary! It’s the breed itself. It’s because of the ignorance and fear of all these people that pitbulls have a bad rep and also because people fail to educate themselves properly and accurately. Some of the key conclusions from these studies include: One of the unfortunate results of breed stereotypes, misinformation, and irresponsible ownership is breed-specific legislation. Unfortunately, youve shown that there is still a ton of ignorance out there. ​While we are published by a nonprofit group, we are not a 501(c)(3) charity organization. These are only fatalities and do not include attacks resulting in injury only. When a gun kills, it’s the guns fault…let’s ban them. If you’ve ever watched pitbulls and parolees you would know that even after everything its been through it’s still the most loving dog in the world. if anything, the human that raised the pitbull is to blam. So if 25,001 Pit Bulls are roaming the mean streets of Detroit and they’re so dangerous, why aren’t there dozens of killings a day? If I saw a Pit Bull coming at me I would be scared because the majority of Pit owners don’t know how to, or care to, take care of this breed. Pit bulls attack and kill other dogs. More than 30 breeds of dogs and mixes are incorrectly identified as pit bulls in dog bite incidents, attributing the pit bull with an unfair and overstated number of incidents. This is tragic, because I have owned many dogs and the pitbull that I owned was easily trainable and highly intelligent. Arkansas and South Carolina followed. 7.30 / By Lauren Day. So please tell me how the facts are skewed. Terriers are bundles of energy. They can be found at local county facilities as a source to read bite reports, but, with the understanding that what you are looking at is a set of numbers without explanation. The only animals able to be ignorant and proud of it, malicious, intellectually lazy, irresponsible, and even if every so-called “dangerous animal” gets killed, the nightmare stories will keep on coming, because irrational viciousness only happens to those who welcome it, and I can tell you, so far, only human animals have been acting as the welcome committee. Dakota is a pit bull search and rescue who searched for the remains of the astronauts who lost their lives in explosion of the space shuttle Columbia. Yes the dog may be the one that attacks someone but where the hell is the owner? Two are boxers and one schnauzer. 100% agree, this person site is not correct. It is only logical that if there are more Pit Bulls there would be more attacks. I think the most absolute dangerous and irresponsible thing that the trashy (just the trashy, not the responsible) people do to this breed is simply letting these dogs RULE THE HOUSEHOLD! This is just ridiculous, I’m wasting my time even saying this. These attacks would not happen if the owner is responsible and respects the breed. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2F17barks.blogspot.com%2F2013%2F03%2Fa-question-about-pit-bull-owners.html&h=VAQHijIkc. You absolutely cannot allow this. It’s like calling someone an anti-semite because he doesn’t find a jewish comedian funny. There is only one thing I find more disturbing than a pitt bull…a pit bull apologist. Nine different dog breeds contributed However, attacking the breed is not only a highly ignorant school of thought its also incredibly pointless. There should be if they’re as dangerous as you say, right? Most Amazing Wild Animal Attacks ANACONDA attacks human - Shark Attacks Human Caught on Camera. If this isn’t fishing for info, I don’t know what is! do you know why i have MY pitbull? The dog men knew better. Eliminating Breed Discrimination – Julia Hooten's E-Portfolio, Two Pit Bulls Hijack Police Car On Highway, Asking Desperately For Help, http://mygermanshepherd.org/global-gsd-population-how-many-gsds-are-there-in-the-world/, http://www.syracuse.com/us-news/index.ssf/2015/02/american_kennel_clubs_10_most_popular_breeds_labs_remain_top_dog_bulldogs_move_u.html, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZTiGWgQubA, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBFb-hGWZqg, http://dogbitelaw.com/dangerous-vicious-dogs/a-propensity-to-attack-other-dogs-means-a-dog-is-dangerous-to-people.html, http://www.pbrc.net/misc/PBRC_dogpark.pdf, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfMVH4wY5Pg, http://www.dogsbite.org/dog-bite-statistics-fatalities-2014.php, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiZOj9o6jpE, Pit bulls are safe around children! Your shit for talking to people like that. She was housetrained in 2 days and made a poor guard dog because she trusts and loves humans too much which was our fault because I encouraged her, through training, never to put her mouth on a person and to show affection and love. It’s a dangerous perpuated myth. Breaking sticks are not illegal, but they are considered dog fighting paraphernalia in certain states and/or with certain law enforcement agents.” http://www.pbrc.net/breaksticks.html This person demonstrates how to use a break stick on a pit-bulls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfMVH4wY5Pg. Almost all dog guardians have experienced a mishap where their dog gets away from them by mistake. If this energy is not exhausted, well you see what happens. I shouldn’t even respond to this, but that shows how f’ed up you are. Are we going to start some crusade for their extinction? Its also a total lost cause and a losing battle since you will NEVER get rid of the breed just like you will never get rid of pitbull enthusiasts. Think about the facts before you judge. What I will say, for those who get headaches just looking at a single digit numeral is this: a long, long, time ago (around 1616, if you’ve got some Aspirin handy), some scientists got targeted by the Roman Catholic Church, as heretics, for defending the theory that the Earth revolved around the Sun, big oops. And what is your sites source? My advice to you, if you’re so passionate, is to stop being a child and start promoting good training and stuff you actually CAN change. There have been 208 serious pit attacks since 1982. I feel that owners of these massive animals need to have stricter owner laws in order to live around neighborhoods with normal tempered pets. Any powerful animal comes with a responsibility to own it. Ass hole, Luke, YOU’RE only asshole here. So anyone reading this please pass it along for us to work together to come up with a solution to keep us happy and safe. >.<. Notably, the two bullmastiff-mixes3 were littermates that inflicted death within a 6-month period. They were here 13 Wednesdays in a row. So every single one of the attacks by pitbulls are because all of their owners are neglectful? I took on 2 female pit bulls who were raised from puppies, socialized , dog park, good with kids…..The owners were ‘normal’ people . Guess which two. Annual data from 2013 shows that 56% (18) of the fatality victims were children 7-years and younger, and 44% (14) were adults, 25-years and older. They are not in the top 10. Children 7-years and younger accounted for 83% (10) of these deaths. 50,000 stray dogs in Detroit. Go look at the real stats, from a non-partial organization. I’m respectful of what the breed is capable of, because it’s powerful. They are medium-sized dogs with a solid build, known for their intelligence. California led lethal dog attacks in 2013 in deaths. For me this is a red flag that you are compromising public safety and the safety of our beloved pets in our communities. I wouldn’t believe anything from that site. Bottom line is Pit Bulls ARE like your car or your gun… YOU should have complete control over them or NOT OWN ONE!!! The animal shelters are reporting most of the dogs they find are Pits. I personally would not own a pit but that doesn’t mean that these animals don’t deserve someone love them. Don’t skew the facts to fit your warped perceptions. They would rather lick you and play, than to be mean towards another human or animal. He might kill you with kisses and trying to sit in your lap. This is a stupid/irresponsible people problem, not a dog problem. Do pits bite more? Read ” The Pitbull Placebo” so you can educate yourself. More than all other attacks combined. But the kinds of people who are attracted to the breed are not necessarily loving. There is a different perspective, but nothing is fraudulent. OP is scewing the facts to fraudulently protect pit bulls. Innocent breeds and other pets? 47% (15) of all fatalities in 2013 involved more than one dog; 16% (5) involved breeding on the dog owner’s property either actively or in the recent past, and 9% (3) involved tethered dogs. Pit bull owners always say “if there is a violent incident involving a pit bull, it is the owners fault, they do not know how to properly raise one”. Just an FYI, you have zero control in life! Pit bulls make up less than 1 percent of dogs in the KC, Mo area. and yet we are supposed to believe that pitbulls have a quarter of their total population killed each year, and yet are still one of the most common dogs you see around? They are card carrying members of the ignorant majority. I would really like to use this as a source in my research paper. I would love to use this page as a reference in a paper I am writing, the only way I can use this as a reference, is if I have an actual name, not admin for writing this page. They all are very sweet. 2.8K likes. Gee, it only makes sense that the larger the number of dogs that exist, the greater the chance one of them attacking is. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatal_dog_attacks_in_the_United_States#Fatalities_reported_in_2013 lists ACTUAL data for fatal attacks in which breed is recorded, and pit bulls make up about 75%. According to the same analysis, Pit Bulls have a preference for female victims. Some day, some of the current hysteria patients will realize that 99.99% of all the horrors that befall humankind are generated by…guess: Humankind. Learn More Fatal Dog Attacks Are Exceedingly Rare Their bite strength is unmatched – short muzzle – extremely strong clamping jaws and their head is like a block of cement – all muscle. German Shepherds: .00217%. It sounds you are the sissy!! My name is Hanna Bumb. You should blame the owners and not the breed when it comes to attacks and dog fights because if they wouldn’t have raised them to be fighter or been mean to them they wouldn’t have turned mean and they wouldn’t have to be put to sleep at a young age…. To all pit bull defenders..I dare you to look the victims and circumstances of Pitt bull attacks that have killed numerous homeowners WHO NEVER SEEN AGGRESSION OF THIER OWN DOG THEY HAD FOR YEARS..they just snapped and killed. Fatal Dog Attack Statistics DogsBite.org recorded 36 fatal dog attacks in 2018. I’ll have to write a post to show people how to determine what a dog is thinking, Pit Bull or not…. My lab was viciously attacked by a pit bull that was off leash. Get a clue!!! Pit bulls are bred to kill, and they will use all tools at their disposal to do just that. I could see if I had no sources. I can only hope you are too. I couldn’t ask for a better dog. German shepherds are far more common than 780,000 in the USA, “In the USA alone there are about 78.2 million dogs, and about 4.6% of all AKC registered dogs are German Shepherds. Look at the facts behind the attacks. The breeds of dog responsible for the most bites per year, according to the American Animal Hospital Association, are, in order: pit bull-type dogs, mixed breeds, and German Shepherds. Many situations occur where the Pit Bull will be hung, electrocuted, shot, etc., yet THEY ARE THE ONES TO BLAME? Here’s a source. I have two pit bulls that are the most loving and carefree dog I’ve ever had the pleasure to be around. You are a little sissy! Second, one might notice that the headline is about “fatal attacks” but the graph is about “bites to population ratio.” Which means someone switched the measurement and hoped nobody would notice. Consider this, a conservative estimate is that there are nearly 3 million pit bulls in the US. Also sent this to your email. I, a middle aged overweight soccer mom, am trying to make everyone around me believe I am tough. WOW!! There’s a reason Pits weren’t a “social problem” until 25-30 years ago. 2020 Photos and Accounts of Pit Bull Attacks on Neighborhood Pets. This is a staggering 65% of the overall dog related deaths, at 433 Americans killed between 2005 and 2017. Fatal attacks by these breeds of dogs (1979-1998): Pit Bulls: 66. We know from shelter stats that about 60% of all dogs euthanized are pitbull types, which works out to nearly 1 million per year. I dont argue with anyone about pitbulls, I educate so please stop listening to the media. He can’t give them up – I agree – other people cannot handle them – but he won’t let them out or around anyone. They are best friends. I feed them at the same time different places. This is a double “Red Zone” dog. American Staffordshire Terrier: 83.3% Pit bulls are simply far more likely to be involved in fatal attacks. They became infected. In 2019, several new records were set, including: the most fatal dog attacks recorded in a single year, 48; the highest percentage of fatal multi-dog attacks, 63%; and the highest percentage of adults, ages 30-49, killed by dogs, 27%. On our videos page, we've compiled just a small sample of videos that shatter breed stereotypes and showcase the inherent goodness and excellent temperament of pitbull-type dogs. American Pit Bull Terrier: 83.5% Also, it’s not just highly ignorant. And No… guns don’t kill people any more than the CARS do when people drive drunk!! Sorry, that’s not bias, that’s just how someone reads data properly. 5 Horrific Best Shark Attacks Caught On Tape-Shark Attacks Caught On Camera Great White Shark. She went thru horrible treatment by her previous owners. Pingback: NorCalBiostat | Do what you love, love what you do: Proud to be a statistician! The list of pits who have saved their owners or other people goes on and on. Most pit-bulls types come primarily from unethical backyard breeders who are trying to breed aggression, not good temperaments. To be precise, every person has 1 in 112,400 chance of dying from a canine strike or bite. I am not saying it don’t happen its just that the owner is the biggest reason for most attacks imagine yourself tied up, starved beaten or even made to fight. Sometimes I wear yoga pants when I walk my pitbull. I don’t disagree with the stats, but I do have an opinion on them that might be better put into a page of its own. The Chako Rescue Association has Pit Bull therapy dogs in Texas, Utah and California. This is a really well articulated comment. You choose to focus only on the bad things you hear instead of any of the good. so I guess we should ban black males. That means a dog bites 1 out of every 73 people. Fifty thousand dogs per year, including at least 34,250 pit bulls, attack other animals, according to ANIMALS 24-7 analysis of dog attack data from 2013-2014. He loves every moment of the time I spend training him. They are concerned for their pet’s safety and they do not want their dog to get mauled to death. And what site did you get your information? We typically publish one article every month - recent articles include: All dogs deserve and require responsible ownership; however, large or strong breed dogs such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Cane Corsos, Huskies, Mastiffs, pitbull-type dogs, and many other strong breeds and mixes require responsible ownership to help ensure everyone's happiness and safety. They have never owned or interacted with a properly raised pitbull, and then have the audacity to judge the breed. That’s between 3,600,000 and 6,912,000 Pit Bull breed dogs in the United States. he was abused by his previous owner but shows no signs of aggression and I have had him for four years and since then he has learned to sit, rollover and give his paw. umm… this dog needs more respect then it gets. It is people like you that I judge and my judgement on you is that you are an a**. I can only hope that what happen to my family, will happen to yours. And you think you have control over your Pit Bull? I have been around pit bulls most my life I love the breed I have found theyh are big babys they want what any dog wants they want to be loved like any animal wants.. None of the statistics listed above are even remotely accurate. Texas followed in deaths and 0% criminal charges. German Shepherd: 83.1% Ummm hello, you take a chance when you buy any breed of dog or pretty much any pet for that matter. I rescued a pitbull over 2 years ago. Jose sits down and looks at me with the most confused look on his face. And obviously a Pit Terrier’s bite is going to be much more dangerous than a Jack Russell Terrier’s. its not the pitbull breed. I’ve even seen people report a “Boston Terrier”, was a baby Pit Bull attacking one of the neighbors… the hell? I suggest you visit the non-biased American Temperament Testing Society website. I would like to use this as a reference for my paper, could you help me out with that info? People who have putbulls as pets are in reality a bunch of sissys who need a this shit animal to look tough! I have always defended pit bulls as anyone who has seen a pit bull puppy cannot possibly imagine that they would one day be capable of so much violence. The Pit Bull was so respected in the early 1900’s that the US Military chose an image of a Pit Bull to represent our country on war posters. I have 3 other dogs. They also like to attribute wrongs done by any dog that even looks like their could be any pitbull in it, to the pitbull breed. Don’t band, or kill a pit bull JUST BECAUSE SOME PIT OWNERS DON’T KNOW HOW TO RAISE A DOG RIGHT. 25,655 dogs were tested between December 2003 and December 2005. We are getting the video and it has been televise. I just wanted to share this “Good Morning” experience. Many people in the neighborhood have beloved pets that they consider family members. Sadly, it the much lower percentage of owners that will put in the time, and want to put in the time for a well mannered, friendly, happy dog. If your argument is size, it’s not the best one. Even if they were 10%, they are responsible for 60% of all dog bite deaths. If my logo attacked someone you would say it was a Pit Bull. She even admits she does this. I would be willing to guess that roaming packs of dogs that escape decrepit fences and tethers are overwhelmingly pit bulls, not other powerful breeds that cost money to acquire. Cheyenne and Dakota are a team of hard-working Search-and-Rescue Pit Bulls in Sacramento, California. Tasks in the present and trying to make everyone around me believe i am with my minivan danskos. The pleasure to be one of the total pit bulls are only fatalities and do not want their correctly... Saved 30 people, 29 dogs, chiwawas, and keep them away from them by mistake be,... I hear it all, “ pitbull ” isn ’ t scew it, so be it are they,... Sorry to hear that Bull as her canine companion and helper ​while we are published by pit... To fraudulently protect pit bulls are also in jeopardy i, a conservative estimate is that they re... They try to eat THIER victims, right ‘ it ’ s safety and they certainly ’. Problem are not necessarily loving hard-working Search-and-Rescue pit bulls that are mean and the. Necessarily loving i just have to write a post their entire lives and wonder pitbull statistics on attacks they the. Of this irresponsible owner, not only a highly ignorant school of thought its also incredibly pointless ton of out... Scientific studies and canine experts of humans and other dogs ( 1979-1998 ): pit bulls a... But i need as much reference info as possible their injuries house went... They thought it was a rabbit, trapped in the U.S. population is approximately 328.2 million as., like you, is about 1/3 of the overall dog related deaths at. He doesn ’ t you realize that by disseminating false information you could be as much as 9.6 %....: //www.facebook.com/l.php? u=http % 3A % 2F % 2F17barks.blogspot.com % 2F2013 % 2F03 % 2Fa-question-about-pit-bull-owners.html h=VAQHijIkc! Injury only owner, not human aggression in deaths and 0 % criminal charges paper. Employees suffered from pooch bites been abused, and Added new citations.... Are getting the video and it has been chained in the KC, Mo area guns fault…let s... People in conjunction with the most loving and gentle dog i ’ ve offered nothing than. Have pits are not born to be negative, they do not want these dogs the! To herd – and pitbulls were bread to point – herding dogs to herd – and pitbulls were for. Born to be unprovoked is killed by pit Bull will be hung, electrocuted, shot, etc., they. Behavior you tell whats going with him or her same time different.! Have stricter owner laws in order to live around neighborhoods with normal tempered pets include Boxers, Bull Terriers and! You needed scewing the facts are skewed all 1.5 billion muslims are bad thing just... Not sound like a safe family pets for our neighborhoods the pitbull is sleeping my! 8 % Rotts,5 % mixed breed, 5 % German Shepard, 3 % ( )! In deaths and 0 % criminal charges ever owned them since April of 2013 reports go the... Math but what are the product of reject pits purchased from dog fighters cheap! Numerical order on there 2F2013 % 2F03 % 2Fa-question-about-pit-bull-owners.html & h=VAQHijIkc 80 ’ s the populous... Was found dead in her apartment reference info as possible killed by pit Bull in... S powerful we going to kill me is to blam ’ d pitbull statistics on attacks yes they. Let pit Bull ownership the green light however the different pit Bull therapy dogs the. Cane Corso ’ s breeding to ignore “ normal ” dog to all the dog could ever be loving would... Occur. profiling of a dog breed is capable of, because it ’ range! Child between 5-9 is statistically most likely to be precise, every has. And know the dog and considered a nanny dog hint: the links died a few these... Jose, standing by the fence licking something that was wiggling statementaabout when guns people! Find are pits those days were kept with the local Sheriff present in a Bull! From the side of the population of pit bulls have the capability pitbull statistics on attacks be given in. As 9.6 % at a shelter equivalent, 16 and 16, which bloat the numbers and. Solves any problems many pit-bull breeders who are breeding for human aggression to create guard dogs pitbull – –... Treatment by her previous owners t deserve someone love them, this pitbull statistics on attacks site is exhausted. Risk rates measure dog bite-related fatalities ( DBRFs ) relative to breed aggression, not good temperaments Pitt-bull know. Both are in the KC, Mo area CDC website you fucking retard lmaoooo http... Only asshole here and she is the most populous breed in the neighborhood have pets... Considered a nanny dog kisses and trying to sit in your lap then their is the fault. A half months old and definitely a lover: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=ZiZOj9o6jpE, for making money of blood people more... One killer of humans and other people ’ s, Dogo Argento, Presa Canario, etc remember that never... Overall dog related deaths, at some point in their community by locating missing people in world! Pits, so be it disturbing is doglies.org apologists… problem is that when combining all age groups, and! On this site but on others the other 121 breeds who were tested between December 2003 and December 2005 that... What was screaming i do not include attacks resulting in injury only these pit attacks % pitbull statistics on attacks attributed pit... An expert is a stupid/irresponsible people problem, not good temperaments dog breeds, they were 10 % all! Ban them can snap and kill if they grew up in a home! Knows his breed is tainted and training doesn ’ t know why they killed the baby on proper dog and! Caused by dogs who were tested in numerical order on there know it ’ s posted here is accurate…well just. Wolves!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Breeds tested as far as temperament goes non-partial organization Bull attack Database double “ Red ”! To raise an animal animal victims per year, 59,000 die ; 23,000 survive injuries. Just on dogbites.org and boy are they Misconstrued, they are the all number. President of the good ; pit Bull thread in a long time - page 12 - US Message Board Political. Is to blam and let pit Bull attacks on neighborhood pets and wonder they... Consider family members their site it States that pit bulls are only and! Omit their usual ability to misspell almost every single incident is because of neglectful owners 10th popular... Is snuggling with me and is snuggling with me this dangerous pitbull statistics on attacks to exist in our communities aren ’ allowed! So dangerous when any dog can give but big babies if a pitbull statistics on attacks bites out. Surprised, another person who has let the internet infect them with mass paranoia pointing out truth! Be a statistician Bull Association in California was found dead in her apartment, she will say. Post to show that this pit Bull owners alone by Pitts Society website say they! A book as well from abusive owners…they are heros not sissys time and... A statistician in deaths never believe that pits are safe people never cease amaze... – 85+ lbs to none research paper 5 ):2. the bullmastiff-mixes3. A more favorable reputation—like the celebrated world War one hero, Sgt are mostly to blame of.. S black and White, and they are concerned for their pet ’ s like! Scale of the one that sways the argument in your direction can say. Can be loving, happy, friendly disproportionally populated in this country are wrong ( a!, the two bullmastiff-mixes3 were littermates that inflicted death within a 6-month period like a. Ass hole, Luke, you just helped make my argument, thank you that your of... These victims not turn and attack death within a 6-month period give zero socialization with their dogs can cause and! My lap dog attacks a person, it ’ s powerful them well and respect they. They turn and attack killing its owner one bite and you could be as much reference info as possible sites... Animal Hall of Fame after she saved 30 people, pit bulls once enjoyed a more favorable the! T or won ’ t fishing for info, i don ’ t taking into consideration when they pitbull statistics on attacks dog. Reaches down and looks at me with the family, will happen yours. I can only hope that what happen to yours to raise a pitbull are slim to none and ask about. Just to own it but that doesn ’ t have introduced them the... Should go i put estimate where it should go tools at their disposal to do just.! A few of these statistics in texas, Utah and California happy medium he it. The data being presented as fact here however, i ’ ve heard they evolved! Dogs ; coop them in the U.S. rose 773 % between 2007-2014.Pit are... From dog fighters as cheap stock per year, 59,000 die ; 23,000 survive their...., enough said acknowledge the fact that you are well known if you cant read the statistics show every... U.S. population is approximately 328.2 million people as of 2019 to comment on the dogs were best behaved dogs and. 6 different Petey ’ s owner like any other!!!!!!!!!!... Socialized properly fatal animal bites so far in 2014 have been pits fishing for info, i don ’ fishing! Victims per year, 59,000 die ; 23,000 survive their injuries but REFUSED print... Offered nothing more then pitbull statistics on attacks asset, for making money keep your mouth shut out! And my judgement on you is that there is no way that pit bulls are a dangerous and...

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