Our Values

G12 Church holds clear and central values that set it apart from any other entity and make it unique. We define ourselves as an organization with a heart for society, and an organization that instills principles for life. We seek to be an influence in every social circle we are involved in.

The following qualities must be present in each member, regardless of their position within the organization, and they are present in everything we do as a church.


This torch reflects our passion for Jesus. We are passionate about everything we do. We strive to have a heart that is always ignited by the fire of the Holy Spirit, through prayer and a devotional life.
Isaiah 50:4; Isaiah 49:6


One of our priorities is to raise families for God. Our personal challenge is to have an exemplary family. We work in G12 knowing that we are part of a great family. We are all brothers and sisters that work together to overcome adversity with faith and the genuine love of God.
Isaiah 59:21


Everything we conquer is through the Cross of Christ. We value and understand His sacrifice and the purpose of each outpouring of His blood. We know the power of His blood. Everyone of us have committed to live as true Christians, being born again and bearing fruit in our life and behavior.
Isaiah 53


We strive daily to live a balanced life. We establish priorities, and work diligently to fulfill our roles in our family, as well as our personal roles, work roles, and our roles in serving God in ministry. We are responsible with our personal finances and we take care of our physical and mental health, so that we can always give our best. We strive to grow and become better in our spiritual, intellectual, and personal lives.
Isaiah 56


We work for the Vision of the church and we are leaders. We always put forth ideas and take initiative to make stuff happen. We learn to overcome our limitations and, as leaders, we become experts in relating with others. We are motivated and want to motivate others. We are part of a team of twelve and are committed to a ministry within our church. As leaders, we are an example in everything we do in our work.


We are conscious of our social responsibility and we know that G12 Church is a religious entity that has committed to preserve family, values, and positive influence in our surrounding areas.


This is our constant attitude. Our desire is to serve our country, our church, our co-workers, and our society as a whole. We do this, not out of self-interest, but in a diligent and sincere way. We work humbly, and focus on serving and not on a reward. We follow the example of Jesus Christ.


We value the human touch of every person that works at G12. We recognize their talents and abilities. We motivate each other constantly with positive words, recognition, and appreciation. We practice the art of always speaking positively with faith and optimism.


We work with short term to long term goals. We are constantly evaluating ourselves, and attempting to honestly gage our growth and fulfillment of goals.
We are the first ones to evaluate our own work and to take on new challenges. We always finish what we start.


We work in homogeneous groups and have four networks: Men, Women, Youth, Children. We support the work of the church in every one of these networks.


We are detail oriented and are always seeking to improve. We are always willing to learn. Our desire is to always keep learning and our challenge is to do better each time to reach a level worthy of the Kingdom of God. We think, we plan, and we follow through in a diligent way. We always try to be productive people, people who are dependable and who assume responsibilities.


We are faithful and loyal to our authorities and the Biblical principles of our faith in Jesus Christ. We acknowledge God as the Creator of all that exists and the Holy Spirit as our permanent Helper. We are honest people, who always speak with the truth. Our hearts are faithful to the G12 Vision.

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